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Sunday, October 23, 2016


Slovenia: Discovering Ptuj area

With Nada we were on a weekend holiday in TržecPtuj with her friends Marija and Matevž and their kids Klara, Julija and Laura and today was our last day. After the long morning rest and a lunch we decided to explore the Ptuj area a bit. Big thanks to our hosts!

Party house in Tržec

6 adults and 4 kids, or was it vice versa

Gravel pit is now a spot for tourists and fishermen

I took Nada to the seaside - Ptuj Lake is also called the sea and is the largest reservoir in Slovenia.

Borl Castle is an imposing medieval castle above the banks of the Drava north of the main settlement. It probably dates to the 12th century with 15th- and 17th-century additions and is now under restoration.

 Bird-scaring rattle in vineyard

Pigs in an open air pig farm

 On our way to Ptuj castlebuilt in the mid-12th century. It was constructed to defend against the Hungarians.

The hill where Ptuj Castle stands was settled in prehistoric and Roman times and due to its strategic position also attracted medieval feudal lords. Here they built a castle in the 9th or 10th century, from which a tower survives today in the western forecourt. In the first half of the 12th century, since this castle had succumbed to the winds of time, Archbishop Konrad of Salzburg, then Ptuj's feudal lord, ordered the construction of a new castle, whose imposing residence, today's Leslijev wing, remains today.

View to Ptuj, the oldest city in Slovenia.

Ptuj Town Hall

GeoCache found:

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