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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Germanyembedded world in Nürnberg - Day 1

After many years, my precious company decided to allow me and 3 of my co-workers (Kirk, Rok and Peter) to see the fair in Nürnberg, called embedded world. We started driving at noon and we arrived in the evening to our hotel. Since it was still early, we decided to take a quick tour in the city and have a Franconian beer.

Since we arrived quite late, we only checked one piece of old town. On the left is Weißer Turm and on the right, West facade of the St. Lorenz.

Short article about beer and Nürnberg copied from this link.

Franconian Beer

For centuries, Nuremberg has been an important city for brewing beer. Whether light, dark or the traditional red – you’ll find something for every taste here. The most famous and popular breweries are the Tucher Traditionsbrauerei, Hausbrauerei Altstadthof and Schanzenbräu. Linked to this beer tradition and a special highlight of the city are the historical rock cut cellars, which are cut up to four stories deep into the sandstone hill beneath Nuremberg. Today, as in the past, they are a cool storage place for tasty specialties made from hops and malt.

Nuremberg and Franconia – The Land of 1000 Beers!

It’s not only Nuremberg that has a strong tie to beer, but also the surrounding region of Franconia. This area has the highest density of breweries in the world. In Upper Franconia alone there are more than 200 breweries! Pilsner, dark beer, smoked beer and “Zwickel” are only four of the countless beers that Franconia has to offer.
The best place to enjoy a fresh Franconian beer is in one of the many brew pubs, beer gardens, beer cellars or beer festivals in the area. Here, you’ll experience the best of Franconian hospitality.

Never skip a beer in Nürnberg

Red District in Nürnberg, where people start working after the sunset

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