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Friday, December 26, 2014


Slovenia: Hike to Grintovec

Independence and Unity Day (Slovene: Dan samostojnosti in enotnosti) is a Slovenian national holiday that occurs on every 26 December to commemorate the official proclamation of the Slovenian independence referendum on 26 December 1990. Since it's a work free day, Nada and me went hiking, our destination Grintovec, at 2,558 metres, the highest mountain in the Kamnik–Savinja Alps. We started the hike from Dom v Kamniški Bistrici mountain hut, at 600 meters and over Cojzova koča na Kokrskem sedlu mountain hut we reached the windy and snowy peak after a couple of hours.

Weather was changing all the time

View back to Cojzova koča na Kokrskem sedlu mountain hut

View from the top to West, to Jezerska Kočna, 2540 m

View towards Skuta, 2532 m

We at the top


Kalška gora, 2047 m

View to conquered Grintovec

Cojzova koča na Kokrskem sedlu mountain hut, 1793 m

Crib on our end and a statue of Bosov Tine, the oldest hunting sentry in the royal hunting ground in Kamnik Bistrica.

Hike on Boxing Day

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