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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Today Burcu and me had two events. First one was lunch with some Couchsurfers in Ljubljana, Vižmarje. Our host was David from Great Britain, High Wyocombe, who lives in our country now. Gorazd from Ljubljana also joined us soon.

Just be careful woman, OK
Preparing our main dish, Börek with green lentils
While we were preparing the food, David's piano was playing some classical music for us.

 Before and after the sunburn

The lunch was ready, but we were still waiting for Damjana, so Gorazd gave her some woman style directions to David's place, otherwise the food would become cold. Burcu served us nice tomato soup and after that we all ate our first Börek with green lentils. Gorazd also brought us some muscat wine.

From the left: Gorazd, David, Burcu and Damjana

For desert Gorazd made us banana split

Damjana was cleaning the dishes in the kitchen and we were helping with not disturbing
After this great lunch, David played one tone on his piano and then it was time to leave Ljubljana. First we went to a shop on our way and we bought some stuff for the evening and then we continued to Bodlaj's house. They were not home, so we joined them at Petra's father house, Drago. We had a beer there and then we returned to Kovor.

We opened another beer and started to prepare things for dinner. First we filled our fridge with beers and then we concentrated on other unimportant things.

Hungry mouths

Chefs in action, do nut disturb

Pija or lefty

The best onion cutter in the world
Someone even took the video of the greatest kitchen worker of all times.


Preparation of food

It's done, the second time this day

My sister and my neighbour Tanja prepared some desert, Tiramisu and drunken bride

Controlling the dishwasher in the kitchen

After food, the couch is a great option

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