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Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Slovenia / Italy: Goodbye Aviat

Aviat (AVNW) has been my company for more than 10 years and a while ago I decided to have a little change in my life, so I quit. On my last working day I took my coworkers to Planica to a zip-line and together with the President and CEO at Aviat Networks, Mike Pangia, we went cycling to Belopeški jezeri (Fusine lakes). We finished more or less successful 10 years at Aviat with a picnic by the Jasna Lake.

Approaching Rodine, where we picked up our last musketeer Aleš


Milan and Tuši 

Aleš and Grega's selfie

Team work game and time to manage the fear at the top of one of the world's biggest ski jumping hills.

Zip-line malfunctioned, so some of us walked back down. Later on the whole company wanted to have the photo with me.

Short detour with bikes to glacial origin Belopeški jezeri / Fusine lakes

Farewell speech with picnic next to Jasna Lake

On our way back home we weren't impressed with this sign,.

Last trip to work @ Aviat with my bicycle and 3 stubborn co-workers, Milan, Grega and Aleš - Garmin Connect.

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