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Saturday, July 14, 2018


Slovenia / Austria: Celovška špica

Another climbing day. For this Saturday, Nada and me chose the new two-thousander for us, on the border between Austria and Slovenia, Celovška špica, 2105 m. For the climbing section we chose the Kaminska / Kaminreihe, IV+, IV/III, 350 m, route.

We approached from Trate and immediately found the first pitch below the 400 meter high wall. Since the red bolts were equipped in the direct route, we followed them and maybe next time we won't, since the 2nd pitch was quite wiggly. The rest of the route was a nice chimney climbing, as the name already states. We reached the end of climbing section just before it started to rain, still we found the energy to reach the top, which was only 15 minutes away. Descent was supposed to be easy, through the saddle called Celovška škrbina, but the scree wasn't user friendly, so it took us a while to be back on the normal hiking trail.

Beer was almost in our hands, when we noticed, that our car Angie had a flat tyre. Without a spare and without GPS signal we continued walking and after more than half an hour we stopped the fist local and she kindly drove us to the valley, where we found the signal and the beer and waited till the support crew brought us the spare tyre.

Over the scree towards the first pitch

Basic info about the climbing taken from http://www.karawankeninfo.at/

First 2 pitches and red wiggly rock

View to the scree

Kozjak / Ovčji vrh and Celovška koča

Oldies Goldies

Go Nada, go Nada.

Half way up we signed into the book. 5th rope team this year.

The chimneys were climbed more than 100 years ago in 1914.


Last pitches

At the top of the route

15 minutes to the top

Summit of Celovška špica, 2105 m.

View to Stol

Planika / Edelweiß / Leontopodium nivale / Floare de colț / Stella Alpina / Étoile des Alpes

Neighbouring mountains

Border crossing

Decent on unfriendly scree

Flowers grow everywhere

Weather improved. Our chimney route follows the obvious crack all the way to the top.

Back towards the car and the well deserved beer. Really?

The ride took us to Bistrica v Rožu, where we found the GSM signal and the beer. My shoes also went on the last hike.

Spare tyre arrived. Quick F1 style change and we were on our way back home.

The next day Tim and Matic already fixed the old tyre and put it back on our Angie

10 hours of hiking and climbing

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