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Sunday, April 01, 2018


Austria: Backcountry Skiing from Petelinjek

With Nada we decided to to another easy backcountry skiing trip to nearby ski resort in Austria. Tromeja or Dreiländereck closed a few days ago, so the tracks were lonely. We arrived in Sovče in the morning and just a few people had the same intentions as us today, so we had another awesome day.

The spring is coming

Nada and Tuši 

Reached the top of Petelinjek, 1552 m

Let the fun part begin

Ski time

Passing by the Harley Davidson monument near Baško jezero / Lake Faak

Easy backcountry skiing in Tromeja Ski Resort

GeoCaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "Kelsoboom 3,000 Finds Geocoin", TB65PHH, "Superloosers Event-Token", TB7NNK4, "Nature", TB564DT and "Travel Bug Egypt", TB5KF1E):
- Unter der Skiclub Hittn, GC7J4Q6
- Die olte Hittn, GC7J4Q1
- Harley-Davidson, GC7BPEB

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