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Saturday, December 30, 2017


Slovenia / Italy / Austria: Hike to Peč, Icy Kingdom

For today, Nada and me decided to conquer a new peak. We chose an easy one, on the West side of the Karawanks, called Peč or Tromeja (tripoint). We started in Slovenia in Rateče, continued a bit in Italy and we finished in Austria, from where we reached our tripoint Peč. After a photo session we descended back to Rateče, this time only on Slovenian soil.

In the evening we visited the Icy Kingdom in Mojstrana, where we visited the live Christmas nativity scene, where the actors wear crampons and the Holy Child is surrounded by frozen waterfalls.

Winter time

Obviously, Nada...

... and Tuši, just below the summit.

View from the summit to Dobrač, 2166 high summit in Koroška (Carinthia)

Top of 1508 m high Peč is also a tripoint of Slavs, Germans and Romans.


Nada and Tuši

Time to go back in the valley

Hike in 3 countries

We visited the Icy kingdom in Mojstrana

Game of ice and light

Live Nativity Scene in the Icy kingdom

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