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Thursday, December 14, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching around Domžale

After work and before another event Nada and me had nowhere to go, so we decided to have a dinner (last one for Nada's lost bet) and before that we also picked up 3 geocaches. Our special focus was on our first Chirp cache. A Chirp Cache is a Garmin-created innovative advance on multi caches using new wireless beacon technology. The Chirp stores hints, multicache coordinates, counts visitors and confirms the cache is nearby.

The Domžale medium frequency radio transmitter (the transmitter operated at a medium wave frequency of 918 kHz across the whole Europe) and a location of our chirp device. Built after WWI (received from Germany as war compensation) and in 1939 its output power was more than 100 kW. It was destroyed by German airplanes on 11 April 1941, during the invasion of Yugoslavia in World War II. In 1970 the old radio mast was replaced by a 161-metre high guyed mast of steel tube and an output power of 600 kW. It was destroyed again on 2 July 1991, during the Ten Day War, where the station was attacked by two Yugoslav Mig-21 airplanes. After the war it was repaired and its transmitter was equipped with new 300 kW transmitter, that instead of vacuum tubes used the semiconductor elements and was the first of its kind in the world. Even though it worked with less power, signal modeling was much better and therefore worked even better than the old one. On monday, 4.9.2017 it stopped operating, since the majority of the listeners can listen to the radio via different channels.

Straw hat factory in Domžale operated under the name Universale until 2003, with a tradition going back all the way to 1866. The hats of this factory were worn by Duke of Windsor and later British Prime Minister Anthony Eden. read more in Slovene - click.

Awesome dinner in Restaurant Pristan - Thanks to Klemen for recommendation

GeoCaches found:
- Oddajnik Domžale - 918 kHz, Mystery, GC5G86M
- Pot ob Bistrici - Športni park Domžale, GC7AQWQ
- Univerzale v zelenem, GC7DTNP

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