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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching in Črnuče, Ihan and Smlednik

Another day, where Nada and me were in a mood for GeoCaching. In the morning we picked up some in Črnuče and Ihan area, while after work we visited some places around Smlednik.

Klevar'ca - place with strange name

Galanthus nivalis - common snowdrop

The Old Castle is the central sight of the Smlednik area. The strategic location of the hill overlooking a crossing of the Sava River was appreciated by the first lords of the region, the Counts of Weimar Orlamunde, who built a defence tower on the hilltop in the 11th century. Read more - click.

Climbing trees is a big part of GeoCaching

GeoCaches found:
- Olska gora - Soteški hrib, GC2JX0G
- Klevar'ca, GC5A15A
- GG # 32, Mystery, GC62VDN
- GG # 24, Mystery, GC64Y0A
- GG # 08, Mystery, GC61ZFQ

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