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Sunday, February 26, 2017


Italy / Slovenia: Climbing in Glinščica Valley (Val Rosandra), 11th International Mountain Film Festival

In the morning our local mountaineering section AO Tržič decided to go climbing in Glinščica Valley (Val Rosandra) and with Nada we joined them. A good hour of driving and we smelled the sea and the sunbeams warmed us and the rocks.

Katja, Nada and me decided to climb in sector L - Bianca / Bela stena, where we climbed the routes La Bianca, Bianca del buso and Bianca dei due, with grades 5a to 5c.

In the afternoon Nada and me attended the grand finale of the 11th International Mountain Film Festival, where we saw the movie Sherpa in Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana.
- IMDb: Link
- Wikipedia: Link
- 11th International Mountain Film Festival: homepage

Getting ready

Nada in the rock

Katja climbing our most difficult route

Spider in the wall with the view to Trst

Great start of the season 

2nd attempt

Warm day

Our "rock" in Glinščica valley

GeoCaches found:
- Bye-bye Slovenia, GC27W11
- Welcome in Slovenia, GC27W1D

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