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Thursday, January 26, 2017


Slovenia: Hike to Vrh Ljubeljščice

Two GeoCachers, Roman and Jure, invited me to join them on a FTF (first to find) attempt to Vrh Ljubeljščice, 1704 m, where a new GeoCache showed up today. We started early in the morning, Roman and Jure with skis and me on foot. We found it and logged it. Another great start of the day.

Good morning mountains

View to the West

Roman and me

The flow

Run back to the fog and later to work

Morning hike to sign in GeoCache

GeoCache found:
- Vrh Ljubeljščice (Triangel), FTF, GC6ZFP6, where I took trackable item "1704 Happy Caching - Ladybird", TB1KCTP

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