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Saturday, November 26, 2016


Slovenia: AO Tržič Closing Party

Alpine Section AO Tržič organizes a closing party every year at the end of the season and so they did it today. With Nada we hiked to Dom na Zelenici over Planina Korošica, Koča na Ljubelju and Vrh Ljubeljščice and we arrived just on time.

First we had a presentation about climbing in Yosemite National Park, held by Jure and Slavc and then the main event came, the official end of the training course for alpinists, where 6 guys became trainees, they just had to finish some basic test in front of the jury and the audience. As always, they all passed, and we all laughed for more than an hour.

The event finished with the last point in the agenda, miscellaneous.

Hike before the main event

I reserved a special bed. On the right, the tools used for final tests.

This year Rok, Žiga, Jernej, Benjamin, David and Matic became trainees.

Hike to the event and the next day back to starting point

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