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Saturday, September 03, 2016


Slovenia: Mountain Biking Jezersko - Dolga Njiva - Kofce

For a while I wanted to do a trail from Jezersko to Kofce with a mountain bike and today it was a perfect opportunity to do it. Two brave guys, Boštjan and John, decided to join me and we started cycling from Podljubelj to Jezersko, warming up for 40 kilometres on asphalt road. We continued on a steep unpaved road for an hour until the road ended and then it was time to push the bikes. We pushed them for more than an hour, over Pečovnik (1640 m) hill. Ungrateful job, but somebody had to do it. After 5 hours we finally arrived to our first hut, Planina Spodnja Dolga Njiva, 1400 m. Time for radler and lunch. Soon we were back in the saddle, riding/pushing the bikes over pastures Tegoška planinaPlanina Pungrat and Zavetišče na planini Šija mountain hut to our destination, Dom na Kofcah mountain hut, 1488 m, where Nada and Meta were already waiting for us. We were quite tired at this point, but with the help of Laško beer we managed to regain the energy for our descent, that was quick and muddy. To sum up, we had a great ride, no injuries, just a few over handlebars tricks performed by John (in countries, where they drive on the wrong side, they also have front and rear brakes switched).

Road towards our first destination, Planina Spodnja Dolga njiva, 1400 m

Tegoška planina, 1430 m

Zavetišče na planini Šija mountain hut, 1528 m

Pastures are alive from mid June to mid September

Boštjan, Tuši and John

Nada and Meta joined us at Kofce without bikes.

Long and unforgettable ride

In the evening we went to Tržič, where we listened to two bands, Kingston and Help! (A Beatles Tribute Band).

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