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Sunday, March 27, 2016


Slovenia: Lenuhova ravine to Begunjska Vrtača

Easter time and perfect conditions in the mountains took us to Begunjska Vrtača, 1991 m. For ascent we chose Lenuhova grapa (Lenuhova ravine), IV-/II-III, 300 m. Since there is a lot of snow in this area, it was a very easy path all the way to the top. Family lunch prevented us to continue further, so we descended on easy Zahodna grapa (West Ravine).

Fog in the valley and perfect sky on the way up

Above the fog

View to the west peak called Vrtača, 2181 m

Last time I ski down here - Šentanski plaz

Getting ready with crampons and ice axes

Another photo before we entered the Lenuhova ravine

Maruša, Rok and me

Scenery from the top

Left - Lenuhova ravine, right - West ravine

Easter morning in the mountains

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