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Saturday, November 14, 2015


Slovenia: GeoCaching, Southernmost point of Slovenia, ClimbingFeast of St. Martin

This weekend belonged to St. Martin and with Nada we decided to visit one of the wine regions of Slovenia, Bela krajina (White Carniola). Since the party started in the evening, we had the whole day to get there, so we spiced it up a little with GeoCaching and climbing.

Part 1 was GeoCaching on the way to the climbing area. We stopped at many nice places.

First stop: Waterfalls on Creek Bajdinc. The creek Bajdinc has its source under the hill of St. Ahac and extends into a narrow and deep ravine, where the creek flows over many jumps and also forms four waterfalls.

Another stop: Trubar Homestead was opened at Velike Lašče in 1986 on the 400th anniversary of the death of Primož Trubar (1508–1586), founder of the literary Slovene language and leader of the Protestant Reformation movement in Slovenia.

Around the museum

Free things are always worth visiting and this one was really awesome

We continued to Kočevje

St. Bartholomew's Parish Church in Rinža

Another Cache, another nice landmark - Kostel castle. Unfortunately it was closed due to restoration at the time of our visit.

The southernmost point of Slovenia ...

... is along Kolpa river.

We came to the 2nd stage of our trip, which was climbing in quite new climbing wall in Damelj. They equipped 7 routes and we climbed 3 of them. Since they don't have any grades yet, I would marked them with 4 and 5. We will definitely come back here.


We had lunch next to Kolpa river

And the final part was dedicated to Sanctus Martinus Turonensis. We settled in Bereča vas and we had a nice evening with Nada's friends. Later we visited some friends in Butoraj and we finished the wine ceremony in Črnomelj. Cheers!

That's it!

Climbed routes:
- Zeleni Jure
- Slive
- Jabuke

GeoCaches found:
- Bajdinški slapovi/ Waterfalls on Creek Bajdinc, GC40R1B
- E6_SLO_51, GC408JZ
- First Slovene book, Multi, GC1VKMD, where I placed TB "P Wee the penguin", TB33C54, that was with me at previous GeoCaches and I took "Schankweiler", TB6JHMQ, that stayed with me at next caches.
- Deklica s piščalko, GC667ZX
- Kostel, Multi, GC2XCKF
- Prelesje, GC5C379
- Slo_S, Multi, GC27W9V

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