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Thursday, July 18, 2013


Slovenia: Morning descent from Velika planina & Bicycle ride home

Since it was a normal working day, Rok and me woke up early and started hiking back to the valley. Our plan, to be down next to the car in 2 hours started to fail, because we couldn't find a track, that was leading down. For almost an hour we walked by the edge of Velika planina, up and down several times, and then we finally found it and after that all went smoothly.

Good morning from Velika planina @ 5 a.m.

After 1 hour we finally found the path to Rigelj and down to Kraljevi hrib. From the upper part we couldn't see the path over this fence.

Decent back to the valley

Since we were behind schedule, we came to work a bit late, at 8 a.m., still earlier than the majority.

For the afternoon, I still had to go home with bicycle. Aleš joined me and he found a nice route, that led us mostly on gravel road all the way home.

Bicycle tour back home with Aleš

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