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Monday, July 11, 2011


Today after work we went on a three day trip to Kolpa river, to raft on water and have a lot of fun.

Goran, Aleš, Boštjan, Primož and me went first to a village called Kamenica, where Goran's parents have a weekend house and thy produce their own wine. First we tried all the wine they have in the cellar and after that we were invited to eat some nice pork.

Boštjan and Primož in wine cellar

Goran's father, his co-worker from old times and Primož

Suckling pig
We also filled some water in the nearby spring.

We continued our way to Metlika, where we did some shopping.

Shopping in local supermarket
Finally it was time to move to our destination, Kot pri Damlju, the most southern point of Slovenia. And it was time to drink, eat and have a lot of fun.

Aleš was our cook

One big happy family

Our food

It was raining for a while, but it didn't bother us
The party continued, but all the pictures were bad.

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