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Sunday, November 12, 2017


Slovenia: GeoCaching on Pohorje

Today was my first whole day, that was dedicated to GeoCaching. Together with Jure (nickname Jurac) and Roman (nickname romtim) we drove to Maribor and from there we attacked the first trail that took us to Mariborsko Pohorje. Since some caches were difficult to reach, we were equipped with ropes and other climbing tools. Luckily they were not as difficult as we thought, so we found all of them. Since we were quite quick we picked another trail on our way down. It was still daylight, when we came back to the valley, so we continued with our search and we found a couple more caches in Maribor. All together we picked up 54 caches.

One time we had to use the rope

View from Pohorje to Maribor

St. Bolfenk on Pohorje is an attractive small church, surrounded by the green forests of Pohorje.

Jure in action

GeoCaching on Mariborsko Pohorje - Garmin Connect

GeoCaches found:
- SPP-Vzpenjaca-01, GC4C3PG
- SPP-Vzpenjaca-02, GC4C3PH
- SPP-Vzpenjaca-03, GC4C3PK
- SPP-Vzpenjaca-04, GC4C3PN
- SPP-Vzpenjaca-05, GC4C3PT
- SPP-Vzpenjaca-06, GC4C3PZ
- SPP-Vzpenjaca-07, GC4C3Q0
- SPP-Vzpenjaca-08, GC4C3Q5
- SPP-Vzpenjaca-09, GC4C3Q7
- SPP-Vzpenjaca-10, GC4C3QF
- Pohorje-jabolko, GC3QGGG
- SPP-Vzpenjaca-11, GC4C3QW
- Vlečnica Bolfenk, GC4CPQ0
- SPP-Vzpenjaca-12, GC4C3NQ
- Razgledna tocka Mariborsko Pohorje, GC3MCAN
- SPP-P-A02, GC3M2ZD
- SPP-Pekre-36, GC4C40T
- SPP-Pekre-35, GC4C40P
- SPP-Pekre-34, GC4C40J
- SPP-Pekre-33, GC4C40C
- SPP-Pekre-32, GC4C40A
- SPP-Pekre-30, GC4C404
- SPP-Pekre-29, GC4C401
- SPP-Pekre-28, GC4C3ZX
- SPP-Pekre-27, GC4C3ZQ
- SPP-Pekre-26, GC4C3ZN
- SPP-Pekre-25, GC4C3Z0
- SPP-Pekre-24, GC4C3YW
- SPP-Pekre-23, GC4C3YP
- SPP-Pekre-22, GC4C3YM
- SPP-Pekre-21, GC4C3YH
- SPP-Pekre-20, GC4C3YC
- SPP-Pekre-19, GC4C3Y9
- SPP-Pekre-18, GC4C3Y2, where I discovered trackable item "4-H ALUMNI", TB1CWXJ
- SPP-Pekre-17, GC4C3XV
- SPP-Pekre-16, GC4C3XR
- SPP-Pekre-15, GC4C3XG
- SPP-Pekre-13, GC4C3X8
- SPP-Pekre-12, GC4C3X3
- SPP-Pekre-11, GC4C3WZ
- SPP-Pekre-10, GC4C3RV
- SPP-Pekre-09, GC4C3RT
- SPP-Pekre-08, GC4C3RP
- SPP-Pekre-07, GC4C3RN
- SPP-Pekre-06, GC4C3RM
- SPP-Pekre-05, GC4C3RJ
- SPP-Pekre-03, GC4C3R7
- SPP-Pekre-02, GC4C3R6
- SPP-Pekre-01, GC4C3R5
- Sunny terrace, GC75YR1
- Insecure crypto, Mystery, GC6WR7K
- LJMB-#12, Mystery, GC55DJR
- MB-T&T-06, GC5X1DB

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