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Saturday, February 20, 2016


Slovenia: Morning Sledding from Stari Ljubelj, Afternoon GeoCaching on Kamnek and Veliki vrh nad Završnikom

In the morning our family decided to go sledding from the nearby Koča na Ljubelju mountain hut, 1370 m. We all had great time, especially sledding down. Recorded track.

Snow is here and so are winter pleasures

View to Baba, 1968 m

Nada, Tim, dad, Klara, Andreja, Matic, Me and mom

Mom overtaking dad and Tim

In the afternoon Nada and me decided to visit 2 new GeoCaches in the vicinity. We found them without any problems and on our way we conquered two nice hills, Kamnek, 873 m, and Veliki vrh nad Završnikom, 968 m.

View from Kamnek to Lom pod Storžičem

View to Tržič, our town

Afternoon hike above Tržič with GeoCaching

GeoCaches found:
- Balkon nad Tržičem - Balcony over Tržič, GC6AK5E
- Bonus Balcony - From flag to flag, Multy, GC6AM2E

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