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Sunday, January 10, 2016


Slovenia: GeoCaching around Radovljica, Series Nikita

It was a lazy day, so Nada and me used it for GeoCaching. We decided to pick some of them around Radovljica.

The tree lived a long time

View to the Karawanks and Sava from Ojstra peč

The little church of St. Lambert is a nice example of middle age architecture. It used to be chapel of castle spearmen. The church has been rebuilt in 17th and 18th century.

In the evening we finished with a very deep and unpredictable series Nikita about a rogue assassin that returns to take down the secret organization that trained her.

4 seasons of Nikita were seen

GeoCaches found:
- Avto / Car, Mystery, GC2W19N
- Fuxova brv, GC2Z9YN
- Pecina, GC1V1MX
- Ojstra pec, GC1CPVQ
- Sv. Lambert, Mystery, GC26VRP

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