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Friday, November 01, 2013


Slovenia: Hiking to Dobrča and All Saints' Day

Weather was very nice today so it was time for some more hiking. I started from Ljubelj towards Koča na Prevalu mountain hut, where I just continued towards my first peak, Dobrča, 1634 m and nearby Šentanski vrh, 1635 m, which offers magnificent views. I took some pictures and descended to Koča na Dobrči mountain hut, 1478 m, where I supposed to meet my friends. I waited for 3 minutes and they showed up.

Baron's trail towards Koča na Prevalu mountain hut, 1311 m

Our highest mountain, Triglav

This is where I came from, from the point, where you can see the fog.

View from Šentanski vrh, 1635 m

My valley and Košuta ridge, where we walked in the summer

Again Slovenian highest peak

We settled down outside this hut. Great food, good service, so no wonder that they are the winner of a prize called "The most popular mountain hut" for the 2nd time in a row (2012, 2013).

My nephews, Tim and Matic

Matic, Tim, Vid, Žiga, Žan and Klara on top of Šentanski vrh

The day was over and we had to go back down to the valley.

Hiking from Ljubelj over Preval to Dobrča and down to Zadnja vas

No more thirst and hunger

In the evening on this day the majority of the people visit the graves of their loved ones and so did we.

Tržič cemetery

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