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Friday, May 03, 2013


Slovenia: Bicycle ride and CS visit

I took my Snow White and we went on a ride around Gorenjska with a plan to visit my co-worker Primož and if the time permits also other friends. In the evening I had to be home, because I was getting a visitor from CouchSurfing.

Below Dobrča I had a nice view to Slovenian highest mountain Triglav

Passed by Lake Bled

Even-though I was going to Škofja Loka I choose the right road

View to Lake Bohinj, largest permanent lake in Slovenia

Finally arrived to the top, Soriška Planina, 1277 m a.m.s.l.

Snow White on snowy top

Spodnja Sorica, a birthplace of the Slovene Impressionist painter Ivan Grohar.

Arrived in Škofja Loka, where my co-worker Primož brews his own beer. A stop worthy of sin, or two.

On my way home I stopped two more times, at 2 more friends, Primož and Grega, where I refilled my lost liquid supplies.

Bicycle trip in Gorenjska

In the evening I received a visit. Sep, a girl, that I met in Sydney through CouchSurfing event was travelling around the world and she also stopped at my place. Since she was starving from a long trip I took her to one of my favourite restaurants in the area, Gostišče Koren.

Sep and typical Slovenian food

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