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Friday, July 13, 2012


In the morning I sent Hank and Jana to a long hike, from Ljubelj to Preval, Dobrča and down to Bistrica pri Tržiču.

 Jana and Hank, my couchsurfing guests

At work we prepared a special surprise for my co-worker Primož. As I mentioned a couple of days before, he is brewing his own beer. He named his first series of beers to "Enega", meaning "Let's drink one". Since nobody from our company tried one, or maybe we did, but we don't remember a single thing from that non-existing day, we made a new labels for his beer, called "Nobenega" or "let's have none".

Hope we will try this one
Soon the day became quite exciting, like it should on Fridays.

In the evening I met Hank and Jana again and I took them to Gostišče Koren, where we had a great desert, buckwheat omelette with cranberries.

Beer, desert and good company

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