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Monday, October 17, 2011


90% of motorbikes in Slovenia are already sleeping in the garages, but not my Yamaha. I decided to check how cold it is on highest Slovenian mountain road pass, Vršič. First I stooped in Dovje, to say Hi to our priest Jakob Aljaž. He was the guy, who bought our highest mountain Triglav on 15. April 1895 for 1 goldinar and then built a tower on top on 7. August 1985. The tower is now called Aljaž tower.

The contract between municipality Mojstrana and Dovje and Jakob Aljaž

The monument to Jakob Aljaž looks to Triglav

I continued my trip, I passed Kranjska Gora and stopped at Russian Chapel. Chapel is a memory to Russian POWs, who were building the road to Vršič and died in an avalanche in March 1916.

Facts about the Russian Orthodox chapel

Russian Chapel Vršič

At the top surrounded with mountains

Vršič, highest Slovenian road pass, connecting Gorenjska and Primorska
Since the weather was warm and sunny I took a short 15 minute walk to the nearby Poštarska mountain hut, where I also saw Ajdovska deklica (Pagan girl).

Ajdovska deklica is the rock face of a maiden that found its own special place in folk fable. The legend says that the Pagan Girl (Ajdovska deklica) is an image of a petrified pagan giantess. She was kind and warm-hearted woman who would help mountaineers and people transporting goods find their way through snow blizzards to Trenta. She was also a fate deity (Sojenica) who was able to foretell the destiny of the newborn. She foretold a newborn baby boy from Trenta that he would become a brave hunter, unrivalled by other at the foot of Prisank. He would shoot a white chamois with golden horns, sell the horns and become incredibly rich. When the other Fates heard of her prophesy, they cursed her. As soon as she returned to her home in Prisank, she turned to stone.

Ajdovska deklica (Rock face of a maiden) found on the North side of Prisojnik

Poštarski dom na Vršiču with Mojstrovka in the back
I started to descend to Trenta valley and my next destination was to see some cars on Idrija rally. I arrived to their 4th stage in Otalež.

Local guys are still competing with Zastava Yugo cars

Finished my trip in Žabnica with new walking man, Tjuš

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