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Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Our first goal today was to buy some fish and shrimps for the dinner.

On the bazaar you can also find many interesting things and you usually see what you are buying.


Fish, grape leaves, olives, seeds, nuts, ... You can find everything.

We continued our way with ferry to Karaköy, Istanbul, Europe. We walked a little bit up to the Galata tower. We entered and tried to get to the top without paying the entrance fee, but we were not sucessful, so we only took an elevator to the half of the tower. Next time we will come on sunday, because it's free then.

Galata tower, built in 1348, is 66,9m tall

Some Galata tower photos

We continued our tour to İstiklal Caddesi.


Our next stop was the Pera museum. We liked it immediately, because it was free for students. Yes, we still have student cards, but don't ask from where. There was an exhibition from two Mexican painters, Frida Kahlo and Diego Riviera. We started our tour from the top, where two floors were reserved for paintings from scenes from Tsarist Russia. For me, these were the most beautiful paintings.

Scenes from Tsarist Russia: 19th Century Russian Classics from the State Russian Museum Collection

Next two floors were reserved for Frida and Diego.



Last two floors were reserved for Orientalist paintings, Anatolian Weights and Measures and Kütahya Tiles and Ceramics.

 Orientalists paintings

Day still wasn't over. We continued with taxi to a concert of traditional Turkish music. Burcu's friend's mother was singing, so we had a special invitation.
Şan: Selmin Saruhan Piyano: A. Mahmut Abra

Burcu as manager?

Time was running and we were hungry. Fish time at Burcu's restaurant. Again we ate till the last breath.

Dinner table and shrimps

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