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Saturday, April 10, 2021


Slovenia: Backcountry Skiing - Ledinski vrh

Nada and me decided to join the Chera Hiking group on their hike to Ledinski vrh. We gathered in Zgornje Jezersko and then we parked our cars in Ravenska Kočna. We started with the hike, some with the skis on our backpacks. After we warmed up, we had to put on the crampons and we continued towards the gully Žrelo, where the most difficult part was waiting for us. I attacked first and the others simply followed the shepherd all the way to Kranjska koča na Ledinah mountain hut, where we had a short break. Soon we moved on and after almost four hours we conquered the top, where we stood in 2016 (13559) with Rok and Lovro. Snack, photo session and chatting didn't last long, since it was a bit cold, so the fun part kick in, skiing. It was heavy to bring them up, but sure it was fun to ski down. All sort of surfaces, also some steep terrain and in the end skiing all the way to the parking lot was simply a recipe for awesome day. Being the first in the valley has another advantage, that is, that you start hydrating among the first ones and because the sun started shining on the parking lot, we were in no hurry to go home. And what can happen to an awesome day, to become even more awesome? You have to receive a call from Mojca and Damo and receive an invitation to a dinner, to test a wagyu steak. No more words needed from this point on.

We parked in Ravenska Kočna.

Warming up.

Some of us had the skis with us.

Attaching the crampons.

Making a new trail.

A small jump that took us into the Žrelo gully.

Nada baptised her new ice axes.

If you are focused, it's not that hard.

Out of the most difficult section.

We were a big group so we occupied the path for half an hour.

Nada and our destination Ledinski vrh (left side of the photo).

After the break at Kranjska koča na Ledinah mountain hut we continued.

We were already a bit tired, so we had a few short breaks on the way up.

View back to the Ravenska Kočna valley.

Winter dress.

The whole hill was ours.

Nada was here.

Above Jezersko sedlo saddle with the view to Rinke.

Finally, Ledinski vrh, 2108 m.


Let the fun begin.

I made some perfect turns on Skuta Glacier.

Even though without skis, she was happy.

The snow was good for skiing.

We missed the path here, but only for a while. The new scouts were better than me.

Back on track.

Finishing the journey.

Back in the safe valley.


Finishing the day on the parking lot on a sunny day. Nada, next time, use your sun cream.

Ledinski vrh with Chera hiking.

Mojca and Damo invited us to a wagyu steak and we had another wonderful day.

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