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Friday, May 25, 2018


Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mountain Biking in Blidinje, Day 1 - Overture

Our 4th cycling tour to Bosnia and Herzegovina started. This year we decided to cycle around Blidinje Nature Park, with our base being the Orlova stina mountain lodge, just by the Blidinje lake.

On our first day we descended to village Lipa and then we explored the local never ending gravel roads. We finished the day with dinner in a local restaurant.

Attendees: Barbi, Nunar, Tone, Slavc, Štefe, Nadja, Uroš, Nada, Meta, Ana, Bađo, Tuši, Vojc, Šivic and Ribič

Towing service

We shared some info with local cyclist

Million options

At this point we did a short detour

While some studied, where we will go next, other didn't care to bother

Gravel roads were awesome

Where to go next?

Let's conquer the local hill

Black Mamba posing

Awesome stop for coffee

Brilliant scenery was around us all the time

Time to return back to Blidinje Lake

Stop for liquids and food in Hajdučke vrleti, the seat of republic Hajdučka Republika Mijata Tomića.

Mountain biking in BiH - Garmin Connect

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