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Sunday, August 14, 2016


Slovenia: Kratkohlača in Planjava

Nada, Rok and me woke up in Kamniška koča na Kamniškem sedlu mountain hut, 1864 m, and after breakfast, Rok and me went climbing. Our chosen route was Kratkohlača in Planjava. Rok did his homework and we quickly found the start of the climbing route. Although the route is not very well equipped, we managed to advance quickly, mostly because the rock itself was very good. While we were climbing, Nada was taking pictures and crocheting (yeah, you read correctly, she brought the stuff with her on a 3 day hiking trip). After a couple of hours Rok and me finished the Kratkohlača (V-/IV, 310 m) and returned back to the hut and this time, Nada was waiting for us with a cold beer. After a while we packed our stuff and returned back to the valley.

Climbing time

Nada's hobbies

Kamnik-Savinja Alps - part of it

Great view from Kamniško sedlo

The most difficult part was behind us. Edelweiss - Planika - Leontopodium alpinum

Third natural window in 2 days

Kratkohlača - done

Sketch and our route marked with 26

In the end we chilled out at the spring of Kamniška bistrica

3 days of hiking and climbing in Kamnik-Savinja Alps

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