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Saturday, August 13, 2016


Slovenia: Južni raz in Skuta, Turska gora

The night in Bivouac under Skuta passed quickly. Windy and cloudy weather kept Nada and me inside longer than we wanted. According to the forecast, the weather should improve, but it didn't so we started with the hike to the foothills of the Skuta mountain. We quickly found the entrance to our climbing route, Južni raz, market with grades IV/III and 350 m long.

First 2 pitches were easy and soon the difficult part began. It would be much easier if we wouldn't have 15 kg backpacks on our shoulders. We slowly advanced on a nice exposed arête all the way to the top of Skuta, 2532 m.

After a quick lunch at the top we descended down and started hiking towards Kamniška koča na Kamniškem sedlu mountain hut, 1864 m, passing by Tuski žleb, Turska gora (2251 m) and Kotliči. At the destination Rok was already waiting for us with cold beer. Cheers!

Reading climbing literature in the bivouac

View to the South of the bivouac

Shiny new bivouac

Looks nice and according to my opinion it fits nicely here

Heavy backpack and here we go, towards the start of our climbing route

First climbers climbed this route in 1932. They were Vinko Modec and Boris Režek.

Weather changed a lot, from cloudy, to sunny back to foggy. Luckily we had no wind and temperatures were great.

Through the chimney, towards the window

Last detail lead you through the natural window

Južni raz sketch and number 43

Arrived to the top

Happy faces

Sunset from Turska gora

Towards the hut

GeoCaches found:
- Skuta, GC3Q70J, where I placed trackable item "Finland Geocoin 2007", TB1PJPE
- Turski žleb, GC5K2AP
- Turska gora, GC6353F
- Sod brez dna / Bottomless pit, GC63GHW
- Kotliči, GC63HYK

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