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Saturday, August 06, 2016


Slovenia / Austria: Hike around Košuta

Two neighbouring alpine associations organised a hike around Košuta  and our work society ŠKD Indijanci decided to participate. Vlado, Saška, Nada and me were the participants of this 33 kilometres long hike with 2500 vertical meters.

For some, the hike was easy, for some not, overall, you have to be prepared for this adventure.


Passing by pasture Planina Korošica

Refreshment in Hajnžev graben

View to Košutica / Loibler Baba and Hajnževo sedlo, where we crossed the border Slovenia / Austria

Somewhere on our way towards the Koča pod Košuto

View to the North, towards river Drava

Weather was perfect for hiking, some clouds and a little wind

While I was waiting on the intersection I had time to take some pictures

Path on the scree - some didn't like that

Come on, hurry up guys

Last scree on a very interesting part

Almost 5 attendees

Back on the sunny side of the Košuta ridge, where huts are more common, still 3 hours of walking to the end

Gostišče Koren - Planina Korošica (1554 m) - Hajnževo sedlo (1701 m) - Hajnžev graben - Pišnica saddle (1392 m) - Koča pod Košuto / Koschutahaus (1280 m) - Orlovo Sedlo (1672 m) - Planina Dolga Njiva (1400 m) -  Zavetišče na planini Šija mountain hut (1528 m) - Dom na Kofcah mountain hut (1488 m) - Matizovec

GeoCache found:
- Mela Koschuta, GC1DVZV

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