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Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Slovenia: 7 Day Hiking Challenge, Part 2: Zelenjak

Sometime last year, an idea popped up, while we were drinking beer. "Let's conquer a 2000 meter high peak every consecutive day in a week with at least 1000 vertical meters of hiking". Stupid or not, we added this to our future plans.

We started with realisation this week and on Tuesday our chosen peak was Zelenjak, 2024 m.
Attendees: Rok, Maruša and Tuši

Since we were missing a few vertical meters, we conquered Vrh Ljubeljščice, 1704 m, on our way back to the valley.

Ascent on an ex ski-resort, Zelenica

Looking back from the track to one of our next destinations of this challenge, Begunjščica

From our peak to the East, with Palec being the first neighbouring mountain

Signed in

Maruša, Rok and Tuši

7 Day Hiking Challenge, Part 2: Zelenjak

Previous days of the challenge: Day1.

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