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Tuesday, August 02, 2022


Romania: Summer Vacation 2022 - Day 6: Roof of Romania

Our main destination for this year's summer vacation was Romania. Our plan for today was simple, we wanted to conquer the highest peak of Romania, Moldoveanu Peak, 2544 m. Moldoveanu Peak (Vârful Moldoveanu) is located in Argeș County, in the Făgăraș Mountains of the Southern Carpathians.

Previous days of our Summer Vacation 2022: Day 5 - 15782, Day 4 - 15781, Day 3 - 15780, Day 2 - 15779, Day 1 - 15778.

Morning from our shelter Refugiul Valea Viștei.

4.5 hours of hiking, direction South, was ahead of us.

Weather was quite changeable, foggy with some clearings.

The path is well marked with red triangles.

At this point, we were already high above the tree line.

Bronco waiting for Nada.

Just around the corner and we reached the Portița Viștei, a saddle on the ridge of the Portița Viștei, that runs from West to East.

View to the valley Valea Rea on the south with the view to glacial lake Iezerul Triunghiular.

And now we will follow the ridge to Viștea Mare and then turn left to our destination, Vârful Moldoveanu.

The third highest peak in Romania, Viștea Mare, 2527 m, is conquered. This is the first 2500+ peak for Bronco. Congratulations.

The ridge towards the Moldoveanu Peak was quite exposed at one point and Bronco wasn't able to continue. Since the summit was just a few minutes away, we decided, that I continue first, while Nada waited with Bronco for my return and then it was her turn.

Bronco patiently waited for my return.

The highest peak in Romania was conquered.

After a while I returned and it was Nada's turn to summit the Moldoveanu.

Congratulations Nada.

Back on Viștea Mare.

Posing with the flag of Romania. The blue band was said to represent liberty, the yellow band was said to represent justice, and the red was said to stand for fraternity.

One more look to the South, before we left the ridge, direction North.

Long way ahead of us.

Short break.

Back between the trees with a creek leading our way.

Our original plan was to stay one more night in this refugee, but we were back too soon, so we decided to continue to the end of the valley, where our car Angie was parked.

Goodbye Refugiul Valea Viștei, it has been cold, but fun - Garmin Connect.

Back in the valley we set our tent and Bronco immediately went to bed.

Geocaches found (all received a visit by trackable items "Magic: The Gathering, Rivals of Ixalan Trackable: Vampire Die Bonbon Dose", TB8Q8AY and "Finnish Flag Micro Geocoin", TB9N8D5):
- Vistea Mare, GC31WM6
- Moldoveanu Peak, GC31T87
- Romania's highest point, Virtual, GC7B6EC

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